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If you have been searching for your favorite retro jams, then we got them here. At Great Soul Radio everyday is throwback Thursday.  


We play the kinds of songs that you can easily identify as your 'jam".

Our playlist consists of chart-topping tracks as well as listeners' favorites.


Tyronne D Hinton is the CEO of Great Soul Radio. Also know as Ty Cool, Tyronne has a musical foundation rooted in R&B, Funk, Soul and Jazz Music.


He would tell you that these genres have always been a huge part of his upbringing.


The idea of getting into the radio broadcasting business came three years ago when one of his friends encouraged him to seek a career in the broadcasting field based on his knowledge of music.


A bold Tyrrone walked into the now defunct Global Scale Radio studio and met with Tim Casey, the station's owner.  


The Throwback Lounge was birthed; it is a show that gives listeners the best of hits from the 70s, 80s and 90s all packed into a three hour show.


To hear Tyrrone tell it, The Throwback Lounge is the show that funks you up, soothes you down and smoothes you right on out!


The inspiration for Great Soul Radio is simply the music and the people.


According to Ty Cool "the jams are the stars, you are the audience and I am just your friendly neighborhood navigator."


You are therefore invited to jump on the right through time with Great Soul Radio and have the experience of a lifetime.